A downloadable game for Windows

Game i made in TIC-80 for actually no reason at all... Just an asteroid with a few options to play around with.

Good casual game but don't plan on doing much more tho (of this game of course).


Game play:

up arrow: Propel spaceship (triangular thing on the screen)

left and right arrows: spin the so called spaceship

[x]: shoot on asteroids (circular things)


up and down arrows and [x]: Choose and Select


Asteroids Frequency: How many time between asteroids (less time = more badassery)

Asteroids Aim: if true, then asteroids come at you (s**t gets real)

Nonstop Spaceship: You don't need to propel your ship anymore, we do it for you...

Asteroids Divide: if false, then asteroids are destroyed after one shot, doesn't matter its size

Player Size: I think it's self explanatory...

Ray Gun: the definition of cheat (you will have to play to see it)

it's my first ever published games, if you have somethings to add or give an idea, i'm open to new ones (also, i'm not american)

sorry, no banana for scale

*puts potato at the end*


Asteroid Remake 1 MB